4 Major Ways to Upgrade Your Home This Summer

  1. Color Your Home

Do not be afraid of color, rather engage and feel inspired. The frequency of colors will bring a dynamic movement and energy into the room, the kind we all miss. Consider what colors you find soothing - these colors may mean different things to different people. In essence what’s soothing is an emotion which is associated with a color. For instance light aqua tones may bring the ocean into your living room bringing in a familiar fresh scent from the far island of Mikonos while others may yearn for warmth created by browns or intense reds that create a true cozy atmosphere.

  1. Make It Comfy

Looks aside, the physical comfort of your home is very important. You want a space that you can come home to after a long chaotic day and immediately feel welcomed with a sense of comfort and calm. Since you spend a lot of time in your bedroom, bathroom, and living room, focus on “cozy-fying” these spaces first. Update the fabrics and linens you are using in these rooms. Buy silky soft new sheets and blankets for your bed, fluffy towels for the bathroom, and plush pillows for the living room. Do away with any worn out fabrics and focus on materials that make you feel comforted.

  1. Embrace Your Outdoor Space

Been neglecting the backyard? Now that it’s summer, it’s time to embrace it! Upgrade your outdoor furniture to make the space more attractive. Grow plants, from flowers to herbs to succulents to fruit trees, to bring life into your outdoor space. For entertaining your family or guests, get a firepit to enjoy on those summer evenings. If you’re into grilling, a new BBQ is the way to go. Add lounge chairs for sunbathing and discover fun new floaties if you have a pool. Transform your backyard into a beautiful place for summer fun!

  1. Incorporate Decorative Pillows

Personalize your home with stylish and expressive pillows! Decorative pillows are an easy way to change your atmosphere affordably. There are endless patterns to choose from to fit your summer mood and bring life into your home. The pillows in our luxurious collection sets at Pillow Pops have covers that can be easily washed and changed. This empowers you to become your own interior decorator - and have fun with it! At Pillow Pops, we have plenty of glamorous pillows to choose from to refresh your living space this summer.