A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Throw Pillows

We're often bragging about how simple it is to give your room a new lease on life by just swapping out throw pillows. True, choosing throw pillows for couch in new fabrics and colors may completely transform your home, but it doesn't mean it's easy to sift through thousands of wonderful pillows for a couch in every shade imaginable to select 4 or 5 that would work well for your room.

There is an enormous assortment available, making the task of selecting Throw Pillows for Your Couch extremely difficult! So, we'd like to make things easy for you. Consider this your guide to selecting the best throw pillows for your space.

First, there are a few principles you should always keep in mind when choosing throw pillows:

1. Choose a single, consistent color palette and stick to it. You'll get the maximum impact if all of your Throw pillows are either the same color or a pair of complementary colors.

2. Whether it's on your couch, bed, or window seat, aim for a balanced arrangement. When you layer multiple different fabrics on top of each other, things may get very hectic very quickly. An asymmetrical layout is appealing to us because it maintains an air of order and polish.

3. One solid, one busy print, and one plain print. This is a simple algorithm that will assist you in narrowing down your possibilities. Another way to look at it is one little print, one large print, and one solid. Your busy/large print should be on your largest pillows or the pillow in the center of your room since this print will usually set the tone for not only your throw pillow arrangement but the rest of your room. Plaids and stripes are good choices for small/simple prints.

4. Although attractive, decorative pillows for the living room are intended to give comfort to your upholstered furniture, so don't overdo it! We've all sat on that couch that's so crammed with throw pillows that you feel like you're being stuffed into a bag of marshmallows. This is not what you want to happen, so if you have to inquire if you have too many, take one or two away!

Once you've mastered these fundamental principles, you're ready to start shopping for fabrics! This is the most enjoyable part of selecting throw pillows, but it is also the most perplexing. There are so many possibilities! Consider the style you want to create in your home to help you narrow it down.

Red Throw pillows

If your room already has a lot of patterns, such as a patterned sofa, dramatic curtains, or a bright rug, tone down the throw pillow fabrics. If you really enjoy the colorful throw pillows but don't want to utilize them on huge pieces, use solid cushions in very bright colors.
We chose two colors from opposing ends of the color wheel for this setup: I'm on fire collection orange and royalty blue collection. When colors are placed next to complementary colors, they appear richer and more brilliant, making the entire effect considerably more dramatic. They look good on their own, but when they're together, they really sing!

Choosing Throw Pillows in One Color, Three Patterns

Red Pattern Throw pillows
When selecting throw pillows in a single color, choose three different fabrics that complement one another. We started with a very organic, colorful design (the flower pattern in the center) and balanced the color on the sofa with bold velvet cushions in the corner and plaid cushions in the middle. The crucial word here is balance. How to mix and match pillows on a sofa is the key to beautiful homes.

The colorful pillows in the center and corners assist to balance out the off-white sofa and softer checkered pillows. On either side, a more manly plaid fabric balances the feminine floral print in the center. And the patterned pieces provide a counterpoint to the solid ones. So, while putting together different fabrics in the same color, simply ask yourself, "Does this pattern balance this pattern?"

Choosing Throw Pillows in Warm, Neutral Colors

Black Throw Pillows
Even if your color scheme is neutral, you'll need a few throw pillows to add texture and pattern to your home. We used an off-white, taupe, and chocolate color scheme for this combination. We began with our most popular print, an animal design, and then added a much larger design in a complementary color, our SAIL AWAY COLLECTION NAUTICAL. Finally, we chose a solid color LAVENDER COLLECTION Lush throw pillow with a contrasting flange to tie these two prints together and serve as a backdrop.

Choosing Throw Pillows in Simple but Fresh Analogous Colors

Yellow Throw Pillows
If you like the color but want a collection of pillows that aren't too loud, choose throw pillows in colors that are similar, or adjacent to each other on the color wheel. These are colors that have a lot in common but are distinct, resulting in a quieter and more polished color palette. We went with GOLDEN TRIBUTE COLLECTION for the sofa. This color is luxurious in nature .We chose a modern art-inspired decorative pillow Fantasy cushion to match Gold Pillows for a more subdued pattern combination.

Choosing Throw Pillows with Solids as an Exclamation Point

Blue Throw Pillows
We appreciate how a well-placed solid color throw pillow in a bright color can serve as an exclamation point on your couch. Even though there are patterns and other colors here, a deep, Royal blue pops out the most. When there are so many gorgeous patterns available, a solid pillow in a rich color may appear to be a boring choice, but in the appropriate setting, one solid pillow in a bold color can really define a color palette that may have been hiding.

Use a few solid pillow designs in vibrant color in your home to breathe fresh life into it with minimal effort. Take this color from different patterns on your upholstered pieces or accessories, and then utilize it in punches throughout your area. This is a strategy that interior designers discuss utilizing in the environments they design.

Choosing Throw Pillows in Streamlined StripesYellow Throw Pillows

If you want a simple approach, we like to pair one vivid color from a Scarlet collection with a traditional stripe. Stripes are an excellent pattern for pillows because they strike the perfect mix between striking and simple. Our technique was simple: Pick one bold color that was used elsewhere in the area for three pillows, then add two striped pillows for a little pattern.

Choosing Throw Pillows that are Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical Throw pillows
While we prefer a more organized design, asymmetry can be used, especially if your room is already very polished and unified. We used plain solid cushions as our largest pillow in the living area above to contrast with a playful floral print. A little asymmetry works beautifully in this room because the color palette is so formal.