An inside look at the textile industry by Shani Moran

Renowned interior designer, Shani Moran, is revolutionizing home decor. "Luxury Accessible and Plush Attainable" was Shani's vision after years of working in the textile industry, from design to manufacture to retail in the US and European markets.


An industry veteran, Shani Moran worked as a fabric designer for fashion firms before founding Pillowpops.

A new range called Pillowpops is the result of two years of creating materials and color schemes.

There are 24 different collections of pillows to choose from, meant not only to brighten up any room but also to take the worry out of home décor decisions. As a result, she explains, "we decrease tension with the buying process and doubt when individuals have to pick." Inexpensive decorative objects are used to remodel and renew your space.

A new fabric is used for each group of five pillows: velvet, chenille, leather with crocodile motifs, and linen with golden threads, for example. Alle Farben and Muster wirken zusammen und erzeugen Tiefe. In her words, "that's who I am. I'm like the ocean." For the sight, they're easily digestible. It's all about my drive to delve deeper into things.

Moran's philosophy of home décor is reflected in the color palettes, yet some selections appeal to all. As long as it's visually appealing, she argues, you don't have to go overboard. As a result, you can modify the look and feel of your room.

In addition, each item is hidden-zipped so it can be replaced at a moment's notice. When you dress yourself every morning and adjust your consciousness, you're the expert, she explains. It's your home, your womb, and you're in charge of the décor and design.

They can be decorated in two different ways or left plain. People's reactions to the trimmings have shocked her. They enjoy it because it's luxurious and Sensual.

Rust, orange, and copper are Pillow Pops' 2021 colors, and they'll be featured in two collections. ...and then there's the Sundown Series, with chenille and velvet. As for other colors, "there's a rust-orange that's earthy, almost like a fire collection" As a result, it is termed "Almost Fire" — they look like flames.

They are created for bedrooms, patios, and even floors. Each collection is a reflection of human feelings. Scarlett Sentiment is a wonderful example. In her words, "the decorations are sensual and feminine." A woman's mind is affected by this color, which she describes as "powerful, substantial, comfortable, and almost like being within a pregnant womb." 

Lastly, there's a bridal set including a ring pillow. 'They're smaller, and I've worked with other people on them,' she explains. While thinking about the trimming, "I imagined a realm of princesses and queens," she said.

A kingdom of cost-conscious royalty was also on her mind as she pondered the future of her country. As she says, "I wanted everything to be affordable, even though the fabrics are high-end." Because I wanted people to understand the concept, I was able to drive prices down through my warehouses and operation.

Most likely, the educated women with whom she speaks are doing just that.

This is a message of empowerment from Shani:

Personalized Your Space with Pillow Pops and Dress Your Home with Pillow Pops.

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