Throw pillows are generally the finishing touch to a room's decor. They're a simple and entertaining way to give your meticulously prepared and furnished area some personality. Throw pillows are a terrific way to bring everything in your area together, such as the theme and color palette. It's difficult to know how to find the ideal throw cushion for your environment when there are so many alternatives.


Here are some pointers for selecting throw pillows!


  • Address the whole Room

    Your couch and surrounding love seat or armchairs constitute a visual group, not isolated individuals. Consider the pillows in your room as a family. The cushion on a chair does not have to match the group on the sofa, but it should be related in some manner, whether it's through color or style. This will make your space feel more polished and cohesive. You can have a look at our collection of assorted throw pillows which are ready to fit in your space. 


  • Center Focus

  • Include a varied shape in your throw pillow arrangement to add interest. Include a few smaller rectangular cushions in a different fabric that matches your color scheme.

  • Color Scheme
  • When it comes to choosing throw pillows for your room, color is certainly the most apparent factor. 9 times out of 10, you'll want to choose a throw pillow that contrasts with the fabric of the surface it will be placed on. A throw pillow should be a significantly different tone than the couch or bed it's on, unless you're looking for a monochromatic design.

    There are a lot of multicolored cushions. If you have a solid-colored sofa, you may experiment with multi-colored and patterned throw cushions. If you have a patterned sofa, you should probably stick to solid-colored throw pillows and avoid intricately patterned throw pillows, which will make your home appear overly cluttered. You can go to our SHOP BY COLOR option to explore a splash of hues.


  • Fabric & Texture
  • Don't be afraid to play around with different textures, fabrics, and materials. Velvet and linen are two of our favorite materials for throw pillows. To add dimension to a space, experiment with a textured pattern throw cushion. If you're designing a monochrome space, texture and fabric are very important. In a monochromatic setting, changing the fabric may make all the difference.

    In our SUNDOWN SCENE COLLECTION , there is a symphony of sunset hues and mood formed by unusual designs of sheer textured jacquard and delicate cut velvet, one-of-a-kind linen with matching sheer threads, and thick rich velvet bringing the sunset enchantment into your house.

    Our PEWTOR POSH COLLECTION , is the ultimate of coziness and warmth. A palette of neutral colors that may be used to complement a wide range of environments. This inviting selection of velvets and chenilles begs to be indulged in.

  • Decorative Accents
  • Fringe, trimmings, and tassels will be used as ornamental elements on many throw cushions. Choose a throw cushion with a lot of decorations with caution, as they may easily make your area appear overly cluttered or distract attention away from the room's intended main point. In boho decor, throw pillows with tassels and thick trimmings work well. Check out our selection of trimmed throw pillows.