How To Style Your Fireplace

If you have a working fireplace or a merely decorative one, there are numerous ways to spruce up your fireplace area during the peak cosy season. Allow yourself to be inspired by the fireplace setups shown below, which include a range of mantel style ideas, fabrics, and colour schemes. The smallest changes can have the greatest decorating effect.

Bring on the Plants

The days are shortening and the weather is getting colder. So, as seen in this lovely Boston condo, why not add some extra life to your fireplace with some houseplants? Though greenery can be festive, these plants will also smoothly turn into spring.

Living room

 Add Some Pillows

If you have the room, follow the lead of this Catskills cabin and put cushions on the fireplace ledge to make your seating area look even more inviting. You'll enjoy curling up here, right by the fire, as the temperature drops. Throws are the perfect autumn decoration, adding texture and character to your bedroom. Layers have a way of making you feel more at ease, and there are many ways to integrate them into your living spaces.

They instantly add a homey feel to any room and can be used to match the colour, design, or texture of your fireplace. When decorating your fireplace with throws, experiment with various textures and colours to match your lovely cozy atmosphere. Pillowpops sundown scene collection is a blend of sunset colours and mood created by distinct designs of sheer textured jacquard and delicate cut velvet, unique linen with matching sheer threads, and thick rich velvet bringing the sunset magic into your house. Bringing them can certainly bring a comfort to your fireplace


Makeover Your Mantel

Don't be afraid to show any of your favourite sculptures or trinkets on your mantel if you're a collector. It's always a good idea to inject some personality into a room, and the mantel is a great place to do so because it's a focal point. The mantel in this Montreal apartment is an artistic combination of decorative objects and more utilitarian items such as candlesticks and a lamp.

Fire Place

Mirror Image

A mirror adds excitement to a faux fireplace in this Philadelphia home, while a beautifully framed piece of art steals the display and complements the other colours in the space. Don't be afraid to create a vignette outside of the mantel, such as the firebox itself, particularly if it's non-functional.

Mirror Room

Keep It Simple

If your fireplace has strong bones, like the one in this London home, you may want to keep your decorations simple to allow the architecture to shine through. A single small vase and a piece of art hanging on the wall are all that is needed to complete the look.

Beautiful room

Showcase a Few Faves

Can't you see yourself settling in with a nice book and staying for hours? We can do it. A couple of small-scale pieces and some plants liven up the brick fireplace without overpowering this colourful, collected room.

Living room fire place

Get a Little Festive

If you want to deck the halls without going overboard, this is the setup for you. Jenn and Vicki Fenton of 2 Bees in a Pod dressed up their mantel with a few tasteful accent pieces that add seasonal cheer without shouting holiday. The trick is to use a subdued colour palette. The wintry accent colours here are blue, white, and grey, not Christmas red.


Think Outside the Box

Even if your fireplace is small and inoperable, you don't have to waste space. The renter in this New York City apartment preferred to show plants, artwork, and other small objects in the open-hearth room, but we could see it filled with books or even a graphic stack of birch logs for a more rustic look.

Decoration room

Play with Neutrals

Speaking of books, artist Josh Young has mastered the art of decorating a neutral living room while still making it feel cosy. We love how he stacked artwork on top of his fireplace mantel and built a tonal show with magazines and books, pages side out, down below for a classic, curated look.

Neutrals Colors