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Loops Trimmed

Loops – of the Celebrate Luxury Throw Pillow Collection Set. Loops is an eclectic combination of lime green, olive green laid on a beige linen background and a variety of neutral beiges designed to add a unique edge to your space. This pillow is decorated with matching multi colored pineapple shaped textured embellishments trim in shades of summer combination of light greens with a touch of yellow. Each pillow is decorated with complimentary and exclusively selected trimming to enhance and elevate the collection, re-creating an opulent and voluptuous collection.
All Pillow Pop Collection sets incorporate a variety of fabrics including velvets, linens, suede’s, chenille and jacquards, in an abundance of rich textures and hues. Dress your home with Pillow Pops.
  • Customize Sofa Color

celebrate Collection

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