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Twilights Trimmed


Twilights - of the Pewter Posh Luxury Throw Pillow Collection Set. Twilights, a solid taupe lavish velvet thick stripes layed on soft beige chenelle, a unique combination of textiles used together to create an elegant pillow. This pillow is decorated with a delicate silky taupe brush trim,with a fine embroidered header. Each pillow is decorated with complimentary and exclusively selected trimming to enhance and elevate the collection, re-creating an opulent and voluptuous collection.

All Pillow Pop Collection sets incorporate a variety of fabrics including velvets, linens, suede’s, chenille and jacquards, in an abundance of rich textures and hues. Dress your home with Pillow Pops.

  • Customize Sofa Color

pewter posh Collection

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